one mission

We're all on a co-mission.
Remove the ego & lead with integrity + compassion & don't be afraid to stand for something.

give without expectation

We've heard it a million times: You get what you give. The co-mission is bigger than the commission.

humility is human

Understand that you are all powerful but you are not above. True humility comes from accepting that you are everything & you are nothing.

service, not sales

When today stands independent of yesterday or tomorrow, you are truly free. When you work for the $ you are forever chasing freedom.

our values

The Mission Team

start with


We come to work everyday with a drive and determination to improve the lives of every member of our communities. Our success is dependent on an unwaverying enthusiasm for and dedication to our clients, partners & each other.



We hold ourselves & each other accountable, which involves an honest reflection of our actions & a commitment to finding ways to improve. Taking ownership and pride in our work cultivates a high sense of responsibility & integrity, therefore results.



We believe that the sum of our combined efforts are greater than any individual contribution. We actively seek opportunities to collaborate & build mutually beneficial partnerships aligned with our values to further our mission.



We believe that success requires a forward thinking & flexible approach. We must challenge the status quo by creating an environment where thoughtful risk taking is encouraged and seen as an essential ingredient in not only reaching our goals but exceeding them. This is how we learn, grow & improve both ourselves & our work.



We believe diversity is vital to the success & relevance of our organization. We are committed to delivering programs & experiences consistent with our belief in equity and inclusion for all.

The team

Meet The Mission Team

Make your home a

mission home.

selling or buying.

the mission team is the right choice for the job.

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